Update on Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)

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9 April 2015
Pet Care

There has been an outbreak of Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) in the Chicago area. Media reports estimate that over 1,000 dogs have been infected. CIV infection spreads rapidly in environments such as boarding kennels and grooming facilities.

The clinical signs of CIV usually begin less than 5 days after infection and are very similar to canine cough or other respiratory viruses. CIV cannot be distinguished from these other causes based on clinical signs alone. The course of canine influenza is mild in most dogs, but some dogs develop a more severe form with pneumonia.

In mild cases the most common presentation of CIV is a mild upper respiratory tract infection. Dogs will be lethargic, anorexic, have low-grade fever, nasal discharge, or a dry, nonproductive cough. Nasal discharge usually resolves with antibiotic treatment. Coughing can last several weeks and treatment can last three weeks.

In severe cases dogs will be in poor condition, develop a high fever, increase respiratory rate, and pneumonia. In some severe cases dogs have died. 10% to 20% of dogs may develop severe disease. Virtually all dogs are susceptible regardless of age.

The best defense to Canine Influenza Virus is vaccination. 

For the protection of our patients, beginning May 1st, 2015 we will be requiring dogs that are boarding and grooming with us to be vaccinated for Canine Influenza Virus. Please note that the vaccine is not effective if the animal is already exposed.

Western Veterinary Clinic cares about protecting the pets in our community and wants to make this vaccine available as inexpensively as possible. We will be offering the vaccine at reduced rates for all pet owners. Regular clients and Pet Health Club members can receive the vaccine at a further reduced rate.

Please contact us at (574) 234-3098 to setup an appointment as soon as possible. Supply for the CIV vaccine is limited at this time.

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