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16 July 2015
Pet Safety

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We hope all of our clients and pets are having a great summer. This week our staff met together for our monthly staff training. We put all of our ideas together and came up with this list of summer safety tips:

  1. Ice cream is awesome, but not for your pet.
  2. Watch for Bugs! Fleas! Ticks! Bees! 
  3. Don’t leave pets in a hot car. Check out this video!
  4. Watch pets around a hot grill, and charcoal soaked in lighter fluid.
  5. Microchip! Read our post on the importance of microchiping.
  6. Fertilizer makes our yards look like golf greens, but hide from curious pets that may eat it.
  7. Have life jackets for water obsessed dogs (and watch the neighbor’s pool…)
  8. Get vaccines updated when due.
  9. Asphalt can be hot! Avoid walking your dog on asphalt on hot days to protect their feet. 
  10. If your pet is outside, they need shade and plenty of water.
  11. Dogs and horses can get sunburn too.
  12. Avoid rigorous exercise on hot days. 
  13. Use flea and tick prevention.
  14. Watch for sores, hot spots, or other skin conditions on all animals.
  15. When outside pets should be on a leash or in a confined space. Some like to chase cars, and some like to chase other animals.
  16. Do not use insect spray around a lighter. It is flammable. 



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