Laparoscopic Surgery

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The dogs do agree! Surgery does not have to hurt! And at Western Veterinary Clinic we use only the finest equipment and give the best care so that your pet will recover quickly. In fact, we use the same technology that is used in human medicine. Laparoscopic surgery is effective in reducing pain by up to 65%.

A Laparoscope enables us to perform surgical procedures with less pain and smaller incisions.

We can peform Laparoscopic procedures such as

  • ovariohysterectomy (spay)
  • gastropexy (prevent GDV or bloat)
  • cryptorchidectomy (neuter with retained testicle)
  • cancer evaluation (with or without biopsies)
  • pericardectomy (heart surgery)
  • thoracoscopy (chest surgery)
  • partial lung lobectomy (lung removal)

Using an endoscope we are able to examine inside the body for diagnostics. We can perform procedures such as

  • colonoscopy (colon)
  • gastroscopy (stomach)
  • duodenoscopy (intestine)
  • bronchoscopy (lungs)
  • pharyngoscopy (throat)
  • rhinoscopy (nose)

otoscopy (ears)

cystoscopy (bladder)

arthroscopy (joints)

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