Direct Payment Program (DPP)

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We are excited to be able to provide the Direct Payment Program for our clients who wish to pay for their Pet Health ClubSM membership by the month.

You simply designate a checking/savings account or a credit card and on the 10th of every month, the monthly fee will be debited from your account or charged on your credit card.

At this inital sign up, you will have a one-time enrollment fee of $60.00 and the first month payment of the plan of their choosing. If you choose to add another pet in the future, you will not have another enrollment fee as long as you stay a member in the Pet Health ClubSM. The Direct Payment Program automatically renews each year and you will get notification from us at the time of renewal if the monthly fee changes.

If you choose to pay the club membership by the year, there is not an enrollment fee.

Click for the Direct Payment Program Agreement. Please fill out this form and bring it with your pet’s next appointment with the doctor to enroll.

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