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They go on walks with us, fetch the newspaper, sleep on our beds, and are friends that always listen and never talk back… well, mostly! The Pet Health ClubSM at Western Veterinary Clinic provides your best friend with the love and care they deserve to prolong their quality of life.

For adult dogs, we offer Silver, Gold, or Platinum Clubs designed specifically to meet adult pet needs. For Puppies, we have the Puppy Club.These plans include vaccinations, heartworm checks, blood-work, urinalysis, and several other valuable services depending on which plan suits your family best.

Unlimited Exams1 and Yearly Vaccines2

The Pet Health ClubSM includes unlimited exams – so if your pet needs to be examined by the doctor, call to schedule an appointment, and we will waive the exam fee as long as your pet is enrolled in the club! We will go over with you which vaccines are recommend and how frequently your pet needs them. All recommended vaccines are included with any of the clubs.

Laboratory Testing

The Blood Profile, Complete Blood Count, and the Urinalysis are laboratory tests that give the doctor a window to what is going on inside your pet’s body.

Preventative Dental Cleaning

We do a complete 12-step professional dental cleaning with the Gold and Platinum Clubs. If additional dental work, medication, or X-rays are needed, our doctors will discuss and provide you with a treatment plan.

Club Member Discounts

Gold and Platinum members receive discounts on services, flea, and heartworm prevention.

Pet ID

Exclusively for our Club Members upon request, the Pet ID card is a quick way to find vaccination due dates and emergency contact information. You can upload a pet photo for the Pet ID by clicking here.

Affordably Priced

You may pay the club in full at your first visit, or you may pay monthly by taking advantage of the Direct Payment Program.

Find out more at your next appointment with the skilled staff at Western Veterinary Clinic.

1 Unlimited Exams does not include emergency fee.
2 Yearly vaccines are Rabies, DHLPP, Bronchicine, CIV H3N2/H3N8 and Lyme. One vaccination per year. Three-week boosters are included. Missed booster vaccines will incur additional cost.
3 The 4Dx tests for heartworm, lyme, ehrlichia, and anaplasmosis.
4 Discounts are not combined with other offers and do not include pet food, boarding, or grooming.

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