For dogs under one year of age, we have the exclusive Puppy Club!

Unlimited Exams1 and Vaccines

The Pet Health ClubSM includes unlimited exams – so if your puppy needs to be examined by the doctor, call to schedule an appointment, and we will waive the exam fee! We will explain the recommended vaccines along with their timing for your puppy. All necessary vaccines are included in the Puppy Club for your puppy’s first year of life.

Spay or Neuter

A professional laser spay or neuter procedure will be scheduled when your puppy is ready. Included with this procedure are IV catheter and fluid therapy, pre-anesthetic blood panel, complete blood count, vital surgical monitoring, and medication to keep your pet comfortable after surgery. Blood testing at this time gives a baseline for your pet and is vital to a safe surgery.

+Laparoscopic Spay (add-on)

If your puppy is 15 pounds or more, she could qualify for a laparoscopic spay (additional cost) which will provide her with a surgery that is as painless as possible. We routinely perform this surgery for our clients

+Gastropexy (with Lap Spay or Neuter) (add-on)

To protect a large breed dog from deadly bloat or a twisted stomach emergency, you can add on a laparoscopic gastropexy. We have been providing this surgery for over five years with great success. This preventative surgery is done at an additional charge.

Affordably Priced

Puppy Club memberships start at $62.10 per month! Click here to learn about the Direct Payment Program to take advantage of monthly payments.

Below is an overview of what the Puppy Club offers for you and your pet. Find out more at your next appointment at Western Veterinary Clinic.


1 Unlimited Exams does not include emergency fee.

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