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Chris Persing, DVM, CSAU  completed the certificate program in small animal ultrasound from the University of Illinois. His studies took him through an intense two-year program focusing on abdominal, cardiac, and non-cardiac thoracic ultrasonography in dogs and cats. With his training he is able to provide patients with a complete abdominal, thoracic or cardiac ultrasound and aid you in narrowing your differential list or supplying a diagnosis. Aspirates of lesions or samples of effusions can be collected through ultrasound guidance to aid in obtaining important diagnostic information.  Below are some examples of how ultrasound may be useful.

Abdomen: Finding small structures such as masses, nodules, polyps, abnormal lymph nodes, stones, foreign bodies, intestinal wall abnormalities, vascular anomalies, adrenal tumors, ect., that are not discerned well on x-rays.  Also collecting aspirates of lesions when appropriate.  Serial scans are useful to tract progression or regression of lesions/disease.

Cardiac: Finding congenital abnormalities like tricuspid and mitral valve dysplasia, VSDs, ASDs, PDAs, pulmonic stenosis, and subaortic stenosis, ect. Cardiomyopathies—DCM, HCM,   systolic anterior motion of the mitral valve, restrictive cardiomyopathy, ect.   Acquired disease—myxomatous mitral and tricuspid degenerative valvular disease, mitral valve prolapse, staging of cardiac disease and determining other abnormalities like pulmonary hypertension.  Pericardial effusion—determining a cause—neoplasia (such as hemangiosarcoma or chemodectomas, and others vs. cardiac dz.) Serial tracking of cardiac disease is beneficial to help manage medications.

Non-cardiac thoracic: Looking for small masses not discerned well on x-rays with mild effusions, determination of a soft tissue density on x-ray to be a mass or abscess, collecting aspirates of consolidated nodules, aspirating consolidated lung lobes for cytology, ect.

If you feel your pet or patient could benefit in having a diagnostic ultrasound feel free to contact Dr. Persing at Western Veterinary Clinic (574)234-3098.

An ultrasound referral request form will be available here for your connivence.

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